The Delightful Special Edition Packages of the Dodge Durango

Over the years, the Dodge Durango has impressed everyone who has owned this model. The new edition is going to be no different, and it will come complete with a number of special packages for consumers to consider. Take a look at some of these great options:

The Blacktop Package

This model will give consumers a fancy and sporty look for their Durango. The blacktop package comes standard with black wheels with a 20-inch gloss black design. They also come complete with a solid black design with glossy mirrors and windows.

The Brass Monkey Package

This package comes with a gloss paint job, gloss grille and 20-inch burnished bronze wheels. With this Dodge Durango package, you are sure to turn quite a few heads.

Anodized Platinum Appearance Package

Finally, this package is comprised of a hand-wrapped instrument panel complete with silver-accented stitching on the Nappa leather seats. The platinum chrome and anodized gunmental can be seen throughout the interior, hence the name. This is definitely an upscale choice to say the least.

We would love to tell you more about these great packages and invite you for a test drive! Come to our dealership today and we would be happy to talk with you about these great models!



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