Which FIAT 500 Will You Choose?

If you're thinking about getting a FIAT 500, you have a lot of choices to make. This popular subcompact car is available with a range of seating styles. These options aren't just minor changes to the base model. They all have a distinct appearance that stands out.

Premium cloth comes standard on the Pop trim level. It's available in a black and gray color combo or an ivory color. Accents of houndstooth and the FIAT brand's signature red color are included. Leather trim is available for the Lounge trims. It comes in vibrant red, muted ivory, or posh brown. For the Abarth models, you have the option to choose between black cloth, black leather, and red leather. These seats are redesigned to take on a sporty look.

Still not sure which types of seats you'll go with? Stop by our FIAT sales center today. We'll walk you through your options and let you take the FIAT 500 for a test spin.



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