Learn All About Motor Oil Viscosity

Viscosity measures how much your oil can resist flow. A highly viscous oil moves slowly. One with low viscosity moves much more quickly. It's indicated with numbers like 10W-30. The letter W stands for "winter." Combined with the number (5W, 10W) measures how the oil moves in low temperatures. The other number (30, 40) measures how the oil moves in warm temperatures.

It's important to use the right viscosity oil for your vehicle. An oil that's too thin won't coat the moving parts properly. An oil that's too thick can make it hard to start your car. When it's cold out, your oil will get thicker. As seasons change, sometimes you will need to adjust the oil you use. Your car's manufacturer will have more information about this.

If you live in Santa Rosa, CA and have questions about your motor oil and its viscosity, stop by our car repair and service facility. The Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Santa Rosa service team will discuss all your options before undertaking service.

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