Maintain a Dependable Ride With Belt and Hose Service

The belts and hoses play an essential part in keeping your vehicle running and on the road. Regular service and replacement by a trained service technician is the best practice for keeping your vehicle running properly.

Function and Maintainance of the Belts

  • Timing Belt - Ensures synchronization of the engines camshaft, crankshaft and distributor
  • Serpentine Belt - Transfers all power from the crankshaft to all the engine's accessories

If you notice any fraying, squealing from the engine, worn teeth on the belt or the engine suddenly stopping or backfiring, have a trained service technician check your belts immediately.

Function and Maintenance of the Hoses

The hoses in the vehicle help keep the engine cool by distributing antifreeze throughout the system. It is best to have a service technician check hoses immediately if you notice any cracking or splitting.

Service technicians at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Santa Rosa can check and replace all hoses and belts on your behalf.

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