Do You Know The Signs That Your Starter Is Having Problems?

Owning a vehicle means that you should at least be knowledgeable about the various maintenance routines that will keep your vehicle running. One of the most important areas to prioritize is the system that gets your vehicle started. More often than not when your vehicle fails to start, most people turn to the battery will the real problem may lie with the starter.

There are a few warning signs that there may be a problem with your starter. The first is a grinding noise when cranking the vehicle. This the result of worn starter gears that aren't functioning properly. Another warning sign to look out for is seeing smoke. Smoke is a signal that the starter is receiving too much electrical power.

Come visit us at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Santa Rosa if you would like to learn of other signs that there's a problem with your starter. We will get your questions answered and your starter checked and replaced with new car components if need be.

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